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Die Schöne






Web design and development

Stefan Mayr/Superwien


Explain the projects concept


Die Schöne is an art project and space in the city of Vienna realised and directed by the architect Stefan Mayr. Different forms of art and crafting meld together in one creative off-space: A big collection of works of art containing pieces affordable for anyone, a bicycle repair shop, a printing workshop, a hall hosting events regularly, you name it. The idea of the web presentation is to bring these interdependent projects together, show the art and make events as accessable as possible.

Hero Page

Logo done by Kerstin Pfleger: A handwritten typeface to emphasize the DIY-mentality of die Schöne. Black on White to fit the minimalistic style of the website.

Colour Palette

Kerstin and me chose a variety of colours, each representing one of the projects being part of die Schöne.
The cover photo in the hero section acts as a real life and sitemap.

Type and Layout

I chose Montserrat as a clean, modern and very readable font. The target audience is between 20 and 35 years old so I went for a modern look.
Informational texts are often wrapped in a yellow block to create the visual effect of sticker notes. The Homepage further representing a worktable with notes maps and photos to grasp the spirit of die Schöne.

Finished website